About Visionaries 2018

On the 3rd of February 2018, e-Magine hosted its first flagship event at the Marriott Hotel in Karachi, a competition for high school students wherein they got the opportunity to showcase their technical abilities along with several other soft skills. Participants at Visionaries 2018 were encouraged to #DARETOEMAGINE, think outside the box, and look beyond their fears as they developed a game changing idea that could potentially transform the way we live in perhaps 30, 50, or even 200 years from now....
Thus, students were expected to use their creativity and imagination to pan and outline ideas that can be practically implemented to solve real-world problems; and then present their work at the event in front of corporate and educational heads.

For, we believe that in order to truly thrive in a highly digitized future, all visions, no matter how far-fetched, crazy, or insurmountable they might sound, they need a platform to be heard. Therefore, by bringing you this event, we hope we did exactly that by encouraging young thinkers to compete with each other, and present their ideas live to a panel of distinguished judges who ultimately decided the year's top three visionary teams and awarded them with some fantastic prizes. All other participating students were also presented with certificates as a means of acknowledging their efforts throughout the event.

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