Teaching in the Digital Age

In a day and age where technology seem to be influencing every aspect of our daily lives from a personal, social, and cultural perspective, adjusting to these changes has become extremely important. Constant exposure to increasingly sophisticated digital devices and applications presents us with various opportunities and challenges on almost a daily basis. With the youth being the most active adapters and users of these highly innovative and game-changing technologies, traditional educators are often challenged to deal with a multitude of issues.

However, through the provision of proper training and guidance, teachers can now capitalize on the available digital resources to work in a more efficient, and organized manner, as well as enhance the overall classroom experience as they provide students with a truly holistic learning opportunity. Also, the creation of grade sheets, test papers, creative art work, planners, etc. can now literally be done with just a few simple clicks.

In this session, participants will learn how to access and utilize the latest digital mediums in a manner that is most suited to their requirements. After all, we have now entered an era where educators should feel empowered to incorporate these resources into their teaching practices as they continue to inspire young minds. For, success in today’s world, where the digital future is an undeniable reality, adaptability to the age of digitization is absolutely essential.

Session Objectives:

 Discuss with teachers how the use of technology is changing the education industry
 Help teachers understand how to incorporate the use of technology into their work practices and the classroom
 Familiarize teachers with certain tools and applications that can help them enhance the overall teaching experience through a few interactive activities.

What You'll Learn

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