About Agenda 360

A 2- day unique marketing and entrepreneurial event, designed to give high school students a chance to develop their skills when it comes to handling real world corporate scenarios. During the event, teams were allotted certain pre-selected brands, and were given a variety of tasks to complete such as develop and present a business model under the guidance of seasoned professionals in the industry, create a press release based on a real-life case studies relevant to that brand, and then shoot as well as edit a short advert in the allocated time frame from their cellphones... in order to enhance the image of their allocated brand.

For, with the aim of this concept being to provide our youth with exposure to the real world industry; the winners of the competition were voted based on their overall performance during the course of the event, along with the feedback obtained from the mentors, and the scores appointed to them by the judges.

While the top team was was awarded with a special gift hamper from e-Magine along with a trophy (which was also given to the two runner up teams); participation certificates were also provided to all other students as a means of acknowledging their efforts throughout the event as well.

Having successfully executed the primary edition of Agenda 360 in collaboration with Ilmesters Academy in the beginning of March 2019, we aim to take this event on even a larger scale as we get more schools and corporates on board in the near future.

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