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We believe that through the provision of dynamic and value-based learning experiences to all, we aim to we aim to help our clients look beyond their fears as they #DARETOEMAGINE to translate all that potential of theirs’ into sustainable action and work towards the betterment of the global community.


About e-Magine

As educational consultants, we, at e-Magine believe in providing innovative and value-based learning experiences for all, as we help you #DARETOEMAGINE and translate all that potential of yours into sustainable action. Thus, through the provision of customized trainings and workshops along with the creation of various platforms, we aim to help equip our clients with a wide range of techniques for developing their careers, regardless of the industry to which they belong.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Mission Mars


Mission Mars is a unique event combing of various activities that revolve around our participants understanding and exploring the possibilities of extraterrestrial life on Mars. Being the first of its kind in Pakistan, the aim is to get some of the brightest and most innovative minds on the same platform and showcase their scientific and mechanical knowledge, along with their ability to be creative while learning the art of space exploration in a unique manner.

Competition Categories are as followed:

- Design your own Martian/Rover
- Martian Fashion
- The Great Debates
Participation Requirements:

- All participants are required to be A-level students
- Basic Knowledge of extra terrestrial life is essential.
- Originality and Authenticity of Ideas is Encouraged
- Strong team working skills, creativity & ability to deliver presentations can all be an added bonus.


Workshops We Offer

New Project (16)
Website Development
New Project (18)
Softskill Training
New Project (19)
MS Office
New Project (17)
Entrepreneurship Training
New Project (20)
Developing 21st Century Business Skills
New Project (21)
Digitizing Work Processes
New Project (22)
Empowering Teachers for the Digital Future
New Project (23)
Developing Effective Communication Skills

Our Flagship Events


Ignite, an initiative designed to promote the very notion of women empowerment and entrepreneurship in our society, as we celebrate the true essence of Pakistani women. Thus, through the Ignite series, we get together a group of various male and female speakers from different professions on board to conduct interactive discussions with you all.

For, we aim to shed light on the issues such as gender equality, home / work balance, and so much more. Thus, we hope that this series enlightens our speakers and audience alike to #DARETOEMAGINE and outdream themselves, as they start transforming their dreams into a reality! Having hosted two editions of Ignite, e-Magine plans to Inshallah expand on this very series in the near future too.


At Visionaries, we invite high school students different educational institutes around to gather on the same platform, #DARETOEMAGINE, and explore how their ideas, dreams, and visions can transform the way we live as they compete for the being the most innovative Visionary of the year.

Having already hosted two editions of this event, beginning from Karachi in February 2018 at the Marriott, and then in October at Avari Hotel in Karachi and the Faletti's Hotel in Lahore; this time in fall, we plan to not only host it in these two cities; but also beyond.

So, stay tuned for some big announcements from us soon as we take things to a whole new level!

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